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Diggy Dre - Welcome To Cali (CD)


The debut album of West Coast rap artist and producer, Diggy Dre. The CD is an OFFICIAL copy with the shrink wrap and the bar code, No bootlegs here! Album comes with 16 tracks and each one of them is VERY WEST COAST!.

1. Intro
2. Welcome To Cali
3. Inhale Exhale
4. WCD West Coast Daily (Skit)
5. We Got Em'
6. Sippin'
7. Layin' Back
8. My Chucks
9. Where's Diggy? (Skit)
10. Go
11. Turn It Out
12. I Love My Haters
13. Be About Yo Shit
14. Nothin' Like Cali
15. Outro
16. Idols (Bonus Track)